About Windsor Gardens

Windsor Gardens has for nearly 12 years been in the forefront of premium quality residential aged care provider in Sri Lanka. With an overall feel similar to that of a boutique hotel.Quality care, luxurious furnishing, stylish atmosphere, comfortable and safe surroundings are areas we concentrate on to provide for our residents.It is not just the environment that sets Windsor Gardens apart; it is also the dedication, experience and compassion of the team and the superior quality of the care that they deliver. We are proud of our commitment to support our staff in delivering the best possible care, respect and dignity to our senior residents.

For senior residents at Windsor Gardens, the idea that life can get better as they get older is much more than just a welcome thought it’s a distinct possibility. Windsor Garden is a choice they make because they want to get the most from their retirement years while maintaining their independence.

By offering the highest standards of accommodation, care and services Windsor Gardens aim to dispel the misconception of aged care and demonstrate that older people are a source of dynamism, history and Inspiration.

Windsor Garden residencies, is truly a great place to live

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