Benefits of Windsor Gardens

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Social interaction Daily activities to encourage social interaction with people who share similar experiences May feel isolated by living alone or with busy family members
Transportation Provide transportation and assistance for social activities , errands, doctors appointments , visit family and friends May rely on family members as their on,y source of transportation with assistance
Nutrition Culinary skilled staff are employed to ensure delicious restaurant style meals with a variety of options Really on easily prepared meals rather than healthy alternatives
Housekeeping Housekeeping staff , linen and laundry services Burden of maintaining home and garden
Emergency assistance Staff provide a 24 hour assistance and an emergency call system is located in each room Immediate assistance is often unavailable for for seniors who live alone
Medication Assistance with medications. Remind residents to take their prescribed medication Without assistance Seniors may miss very important medication
Maintaining independence Offer assistance as needed and encourage residents to remain as independent as possible May become dependent on their family and staff